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Desk Ideas for Home Office

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desk-furniture-online-imageWith so many people having home businesses nowadays, well ordered desks have become essential pieces of furniture. There's a place for a desk in nearly every room in the house, including the kitchen, the den, the master bedroom, or even the laundry room.
An efficient desk should have drawers, though not all desks do. They should at least have enough space for pens and pencils, writing pads, a computer, a telephone, stationery and stamps, paper clips, scissors and a stapler. A wastepaper basket and perhaps a paper shredder should be nearby. Some desks come with their own indispensable filing cabinets. Desks should also be placed in areas where the phone and computer can be hooked up to a telephone jack without too much effort. Books should be easily accessed. If the desk is large, the most read books can be lined up between bookends at the back of the desk, very convenient if it's against a wall. If the desk is small, the books can be arranged in a shelf that’s easy to reach. Some desks come with hutches for storing books and stationery.
A young child's desk should have coloring books and crayons, blunt tipped scissors, watercolor paints with drawing pads, pencils, pencil sharpeners and materials for whatever hobby they’ve lately taken up. A teenager's desk might have a computer, a place for reference books, and other office accessories that an adult’s desk may have.
desk-furniture-online-02For a desk to be a place where people can study and work properly, it has to be protected from unnecessary noise and visual distractions. The homeowner might want to place a desk in a room with a dense carpet or other objects that absorb sound, like acoustical ceilings. To remove visual distractions, the homeowner might want to place the desk in an area where the sitter’s back is to the view, though some proponents of Feng Shui believe that no one should sit with their back to a window. Besides, sometimes the person needs to take a break from their work and a glance out a window at a pleasing view is refreshing.
Desks should also have good lighting. A lamp should be 15 inches to the left of the work center, then 12 inches to the rear of the work center. In this position the light isn’t so harsh that it strains the eyes. If the lamp has a shade, it should be about 15 inches from the top of the desk and the shade should allow some light to pass through it. If there's no space for a lamp on the desk, a light fixture should be installed in the ceiling or the wall. Ideally the fixture should come with a diffuser to cut down on glare.
Many chairs are ergonomically designed for the worker’s comfort. In a home setting, a task chair or executive chair with casters and levers might be a little too official. Still, whatever chair is used, be it a Louis XIV fauteuil, or an overstuffed easy chair, or a modernistic chair made of stainless steel and a cushion, it should be comfortable and encourage good posture.