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Storage Dressers to Style Bedrooms

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buy-storage-dressers-online-imageThe very first dressers were designed for royalty in the medieval period, and were not initially used to store clothing. Dressers during this period, dressers were comprised of multicolored shelves and were utilized to store objects for the king’s splendid banquets. Throughout the 17th century, dining rooms were in vogue, and dressers were more common. The aristocracy obtained dressers from the finest craftsmen to show off their costly dishware. It was not until the 18th century that dressers came into use in bedrooms. Due to the increase in glass, manufacturing large mirrors were affixed onto the top of dressers.

Today dressers come in many different styles from three to five drawers up to sixteen. They are no longer only used to store socks and undergarments either. Large dressers with added compartments hold just about anything, from jewelry to hats. Dressers have developed from earlier centuries to designs that can be placed in any part of the home as well. Yet, the classic bedroom dresser is still the favorite choice due to its attractiveness and practicality. Most bedrooms have closets; however, dressers serve to accommodate those items that may be awkward if placed inside a closet. For example, various accessories like belts and scarves are best suited for dresser storage. This way they are easier to find when sorted and arranged individually, rather than hanging in closets where they may be harder to come across.

modern-dressers-drawers-online-imageHere is a list of the most common dresser styles suited for any home furnishing needs.

·   Bedroom Dressers

Bedroom dressers are the most common style of dresser. They are usually four feet in height with four to six drawers, or two feet high with six to eight drawers.  The size of a bedroom is the first determining factor when selecting a bedroom dresser along with storage requirements. Bedroom dressers are the most economical and common type of dresser.
·   Mirrored Dressers

wooden-dressers-drawers-online-imageMirrored dressers are more prevalent in master bedrooms and are sometimes utilized as vanity sets. They are typically lower than bedroom dressers and may have space for a small stool as well. The tops of mirrored dressers are designed to store small items like cosmetics, cuff links, and jewelry while the drawers are shallow and designed for undersized pieces of clothing. However, there are some mirror dressers available in an array of sizes with deep drawers and larger surfaces. This type usually has six drawers and provides plentiful storage space. 
·   Shoe Dressers

Shoe dressers are an option for individuals who prefer to keep their shoe space tidy and orderly. Shoe dressers usually accommodate fifty pairs of shoe or more. Some shoe dressers open in an accordion style while others have no closures. Most shoe dressers are made from maple, due to its natural deodorizing properties. Suitable for large closets or bedrooms, shoe dressers are a fitting way to organize and store shoes while leaving the living space uncluttered.
·   Dresser Finishes

There are numerous finishes available for most dresser styles. Natural woods are becoming trendy, particularly woods with stunning grain like maple, oak, pine, and mahogany. Veneers are also a widespread selection to imitate the look of cherry wood. 
To select the best dresser for your home know the size, finish, and style that is best suited for your living space.